Big Lights Big City

Start spreading the news, I’m leaving today. These streets will make you feel brand new, big lights will inspire you. One thing these songs have in common with, New York City. Yes the “Big Apple”, and the “city that never sleeps.” Of course what is a traveling blog if I don’t mention only the biggest tourist attraction in the United States. The city is more than that though, it holds culture and so much diversity that one can’t help but fall in love with these tall buildings and bright lights. I, myself have been twice and each time I count down the days until I can go back.


new york

Biggest question of this trip, what time is the best time to go. This question really depends on you as person, if you want to see the “big apple” covered with lights and dusted over with snow then Christmas/New Year’s Eve time is perfect. However, keep in mind that New York City will be packed during this time and you will have to book the flights and hotel well in advance. If you enjoy the summer time, with cool nights then during the months of May-September. During this time, tourists aren’t as packed as it would be during the holiday season. When booking the flights and hotels, it’s much cheaper to book together than go separately. Don’t rush this part, give time and have patience when looking for a good deal. If you rush into it than you may end up paying more than you want. Secondly, when flying in I would choose the Neward Airport in New Jersey. In some cases it’s less expensive flying into Neward than JFK.

So now you have arrived in New York City, what do you do. Transportation is key in a city like this,  for a short distance then walking is your go to. If you are going sight seeing, bikes are perfect. They are super easy and simple to use plus this gives you chance to see the city up-close and personal. Of course you can’t ride and walk all the time which is why I bring you to my favorite form of transportation: the subway! It’s very convenient and really cheap, the metro card can last you however long you want and once you get the hang of the metro maps then it’s a piece of cake. The most important aspects is of course the attractions, the biggest problem is there is so much to do but such little time to do all of it. So I will keep it short and sweet so I can’t overwhelm you too much. First thing first, The Statue of Liberty. It’s free and it’s truly beautiful to see, there will be many people offering a ferry ride for $20 but the free one is out there! Second must see is of course Times Square, whether you go at night or during the day the area engulfs you with lights, colors and music! For the night life area, Broadway shows are your best friend. This gives you and your choice of company to get dressed in fine clothes and dance among the stars. Broadway tickets can be overwhelming to buy, don’t necessarily worry about the placement of the seats. No matter where you are you can enjoy the show without breaking your bank. Lastly, souvenirs are easy to find but you don’t need to dive into your wallet to find the best souvenirs. Best souvenirs are found in Chinatown, they have exactly what you want to remember New York without spending more than you should. I hope you enjoy my tips for visiting the “Big Apple”.


Till next time my little travelers,



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