October Overseas

Welcome back my little travelers, and boy are we going to hit the ground running on this post. A couple posts ago I had mentioned the fall festivities to do here in the US and how to fully experience fall at full capacity. From those fall festivals to the hayrides and haunted houses, you can do it all! Today’s post I will be extending those travels overseas, instead of focusing on the season of fall I will be focusing more on the month of October within a certain country. I wanted to provide a variety of different things so I chose one that I believe can really give you some options. Is the suspense killing you yet? Alright, I’ll tell you guys. Cue the drum roll….Germany!

Fun fact alert coming, I am so in love with Germany because I have family in Germany and we occasionally go back to visit them. This post though will be entirely unbiased and I will provide equal information for this location. So you find yourself in Germany during the month of October, what do you do? Simple, Oktoberfest is among you. Oktoberfest is one of the largest Volksfest in the world. This festival takes part in Munich, and lasts roughly 16-18 days. During the festival, there will be large concerts, parades and food. So much food that you will have to be rolled out of the tents, and I hope you like beer because they have more beer than you can imagine.



I’m going to give you my tips and advice for this event. First, when traveling to Germany I would arrive a couple days before you want to start attending the festival. This gives you plenty of time to sight see and get accustomed to the area before attending the festival. Secondly, don’t get a hotel directly in Munich; many of the hotels are aware of how many people Oktoberfest brings in and will not hesitate to rack up the prices on rooms. Instead, get a hotel or hostel at a location within range of Munich. From which little town you decide to go with, it’s very easy to find the train schedule as well. Taking the train to and from the festival will allow you to focus more on the fun and less about things such as parking, fees, etc. Lastly, it won’t create an opportunity for someone to drink and drive. My last piece of advice for surviving Oktoberfest, is to not go alone! Festivals such as these are meant to be enjoyed with friends or family, and it provides a safer area if you are with people you know. Always be careful and be safe!


Till next time my little travelers,


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