Dashing Through The Snow

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Dashing through the snow my fellow travelers, in case none of you have been outside lately the weather has finally dropped as we welcome winter. So as we begin to buy the hot cocoa mix and gather up on firewood, we begin to plan our winter shenanigans. What shenanigans could I be talking about? Well none other than the occasional recreation skiing/snowboarding. Yes, these Winter Olympic spectaculars are a must during these holiday seasons. The key? Is planning these trips and how sleigh away with a wonderful experience.

So you’ve decided to take your family/friends on a ski trip, what a great idea. Some things to focus on for this trip include, location, travel, amount of people and dates. When choosing where to ski, you have so many options. Some of mine include the ski lodges in Colorado Springs, Colorado or Ski Apache in New Mexico. These both have great slopes, but it’s entirely up to your preference and how far you’re willing to travel. Lucky for you all I have included some of the best ski resorts on this post to help you get a head start. This planning shouldn’t wait until last minute of course, I would recommend planning out weeks ahead. In terms of flying, check the correlation between the ski resorts and the air port. You don’t want to be without a car and unable to actually get to the ski resort. Once you have settled on a resort, buy those plane tickets. The sooner you buy the plane tickets the cheaper it’ll be, I would recommend buying them late September/early October. The dates for visiting these ski resorts are just as important too, if you don’t want to miss Christmas with your family in your hometown plan the trip after the Holidays so that you won’t risk getting stuck in a snow storm.

Of course, you can plan before Christmas just adjust yourself accordingly to not get stuck with all that Holiday traffic from the airport or ski resorts. If you plan on driving, set yourself with a plan and how many days you plan to actually drive. You don’t want to just guess then have to cut your trip short because you spent too long actually traveling. So at last you are in the state of your choosing about to embark on a ski spectacular, but still have to get to that ski resort somehow. Tips, carpool. Try to fit as many people as you possibly can so this way everyone is together and not lost or confused. Secondly, leave kind of early. This way you can beat the lines and get started on your winter wonderland. Now, skiing can take it’s toll and you may end getting hungry/thirsty while there. Bring snacks and a cooler full of food. This way if anyone gets hungry, you don’t need to worry about spending six dollars on a hot dog. With these tips and tricks, I hope you guys have a spectacular ski trip.

Till next time my little travelers,


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